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EarWellThere is no longer any reason to wait while desperately hoping that your baby’s ears may get better on their own or until your child qualifies for invasive surgery.

If your baby has an ear deformity you can now take comfort in knowing that EarWell™ has over a 90% success rate in permanently correcting infant ear deformities.
Patented design of EarWell allows for universal application.The unique EarWell™ design enables a single universal protocol to correct most, if not all, types and severities of ear deformity.

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EarWell™ prevents schoolyard bullying and eliminates any need for future ear surgery.

Peer teasing and taunting about "funny looking ears" often forces parents to protect their child through an invasive surgical procedure. Here is one mother and child story.

Dr. Gupta and ear corrective Surgery

Watch this report from KSTP Channel 5 from Minneapolis / St. Paul.

A report from CBS News Online about teens considering surgery to avoid Bullying.