The EarWell® Infant Ear Correction System is the first and most advanced nonsurgical infant ear deformity correction device developed by Becon Medical. Becon is a global pioneer in the development of medical-surgical products, instruments and equipment. The EarWell® is a remarkable medical device that will help over millions of children born in the US and globally with ear deformities.

EarWell Testimonials

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    Any issues with the shape of a child's ear, I would definitely recommend the EarWell. It was a phenomenal experience for me. I was hesitant at first, but absolutely by the end of the day I'm so grateful that I did it, my son's ears look amazing!
    Patient Testimonial for EarWell
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    I've been using Becon medical EarWell® since January of 2011 and I tell you it's been wonderful over the last year. I placed approximately 30 to 35 EarWell® systems and the results have been dramatic in fact I've even placed him on my own daughter who was born in August of 2011!
    Dr. Ken Bermudez Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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